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Kroger 50 Fuel Points – Customer Satisfaction

Earn 50 free fuel points by taking the Kroger customer experience survey online.

Note that participants with a Loyalty card account are only eligible to receive the prize.

If you do not have a loyalty membership, Kindly create one.

Kroger Customer Voice Survey

Kroger, a giant grocery retail chain, wants to stay connected and satisfy its customers at all costs. That is why it has created a customer voice survey where customers can share their opinions.

From the feedback it receives at, the company focuses on service improvements.

Points To Be Remembered For Participants

  • The survey receipt is valid only for seven days from the purchase date.
  • Only residents from the United States can enter the survey.
  • People who are older than 18 years are eligible.
  • If your receipt doesn’t contain an entry ID, choose the ‘NO’ option from the homepage.
  • You need to provide details such as the time and date of your visit from the receipt.
  • You can only choose English or Español to answer survey questions.

Steps Outlined For Completing The Survey Online

  1. Visit the official Kroger survey homepage at within seven days of your purchase.
  2. Choose a language you prefer to give answers and provide your feedback.
  3. Enter entry ID, date of visit, and time of visit.
  4. Rate your satisfaction on your recent visit to the Kroger grocery or Pharma store.
  5. Enter your loyalty card number or mobile number attached to it.
  6. Get your free 50 fuel points as a reward.
  7. Redeem your points at the nearest pump station.

What to expect in the survey?

  • You may need to answer questions on Kroger store ambiance, ease of moving around, cleanliness, and parking section.
  • Survey questions also focus on product availability, freshness, and display.
  • You have to provide feedback on assistance and hospitality from the staff.
  • Was your check-out process smooth and efficient? Did the cashier help you with check-out? These questions are included in the survey.
  • And, finally, about your loyalty card subscription. You will receive points to the account. Redeem them on your next visit to the Kroger fuel station.

About The Kroger Company

Kroger is one of the largest supermarket operators in the USA based on revenue. It operates 2,700 stores across 35 states and the District of Columbia.

Kroger has been constantly innovating ways to be the retail king in the USA. They have a great online way of ordering and delivering options with their application.

3 thoughts on “Kroger 50 Fuel Points – Customer Satisfaction”

  1. I visited the Kroger store at Main and Taylor in Reynoldsburg. After collecting my items for purchase, I went to a register and checked efficiently.

  2. I was satisfied with Oscar, the cashier, efficiency and pleasant demeanor at the Kroger Sabo Grocery Pickup in Houston, TX.

  3. My visit to the store in Weirton, WV, was enjoyable due to an employee named Kayla, who helped me find items and took the time to walk with me and locate the items. Thank you, Kayla!

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