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Kroger Feedback – Www.Kroger.Com/Feedback

Have you recently visited Kroger’s store? If so, Kroger wants you to participate in a customer satisfaction survey. The survey aims to collect feedback on your recent Kroger shopping experience.

Did you check Kroger’s cash register receipt? It has a survey invitation and an official URL, i.e.,

Whoever completes the survey will receive 50 fuel points as a reward.

Complete the Kroger customer satisfaction survey to win 50 fuel points

Why Does Gather Feedback From Its Customers?

Customer experience surveys provide more profound insights than market research and customer persona studies. Kroger uses the Qualtrics online survey to learn customers’ preferences, needs, and expectations.

Kroger has to regularly monitor customer satisfaction to stay a leader in the retail supermarket industry. Asking each patron about their store experience takes a lot of resources. An online survey at is an excellent solution to ask customers what they think of Kroger’s services.

Kroger wants to seek validation from its customers and maintain a long-term relationship with them.

You can visit to share opinions on store experience, product quality, product prices, associates’ behavior, and more.

Your Feedback Plays A Vital Role In Kroger’s Success’s customer survey builds loyalty & trust towards their brand.

The Kroger survey helps the company to stay relevant to its customers’ needs. Based on your feedback, learns what to improve to meet your expectations.

The Kroger feedback helps the company identify areas for improvement and provide better services to its customers. Feedback Rewards For Participants

Every participant with a loyalty card membership will receive 50 fuel points for taking the Kroger survey.

When taking the survey, customers win 50 fuel points for their loyalty account as a reward.

Sharing your opinion will positively impact the company’s operations and services. Overall, Kroger’s feedback is a win-win situation for the company and the participants.

How To Complete Kroger Customer Survey at

Time needed: 5 minutes

Take the Kroger Feedback customer satisfaction survey at

  1. Visit

    Access the official Kroger customer satisfaction survey at Note that the official hosts the survey.
    Visit home page

  2. Choose language:

    Customers can choose English or Español (América Latina) language for answering survey questions.

  3. Enter Store Details:

    Enter store visiting details such as the Date and Time of visit from the receipt. Also, provide an 18-digit Entry ID to start the survey.

  4. Provide Your Feedback To The Kroger:

    Please answer the Kroger survey questions genuinely. Rate your satisfaction with various store services. Kindly share your candid feedback on how to improve Kroger’s services.

  5. Win 50 Fuel Points:

    As a reward for participating, Kroger will send 50 Fuel points to your loyalty member account. You must provide your card number or mobile number attached to the loyalty card membership to receive Fuel points.
    Get Kroger 50 Fuel points to your loyalty card

Requirements To Share Your Feedback at

A purchase receipt is necessary as it contains essential details for entering the Kroger survey.

Kroger receipt contains survey entry details

From the receipt, you need to enter the following details:

  • Entry ID on your receipt
  • Date of Visit
  • Time of Visit

If your receipt doesn’t contain an entry ID, you must enter the following details:

  • Store Phone Number
  • Date of Visit
  • Time of Visit

All the details mentioned above are mandatory to link your visit to a particular store.

The Participants must possess an active internet connection and an internet-powered device.

Loyalty membership is required to receive 50 fuel points into your account.

Kroger Feedback Rules For Participants

  • Participants who are legal residents of the United States are eligible.
  • Customers who shop at Kroger at eighteen (18) years of age can only enter the survey.
  • The receipt is valid for seven days. Participants must visit the official before the receipt expires.
  • Only one entry is allowed for a receipt.
  • Kroger Employees and their immediate family members are not eligible for the customer voice survey.
  • The survey is accessible in English and Español (América Latina).

Survey Questionnaire For Participants at

  1. Thinking of your recent visit to the Kroger store, what was the purpose of the visit?
  2. Based on your recent visit to the Kroger store, how satisfied or dissatisfied were you overall?
  3. Rate your satisfaction with the employee’s hospitality, willingness for assistance, and availability.
  4. How satisfied or dissatisfied were you with the store’s ambiance? 
  5. Rate your satisfaction with store location, cleanliness, and ease of accessing groceries while shopping.
  6. Did you use coupons while checking out? If so, kindly let us know if you are satisfied with the ease of using coupons.
  7. How are you happy with the variety, availability, pricing, and quality of products?
  8. How likely would you recommend the Kroger store to your family or friends?


How do I give feedback to Kroger?

You can access the official survey page at and give your feedback.

How do I get fuel points from the Kroger survey?

To participate in Kroger’s customer voice program, you will receive 50 fuel points as a reward. Upon completion, you will receive total points for your loyalty card.

What if I can’t access the survey?

The participant must complete the survey within seven days before the receipt expiration. Always give feedback only on the official website (

Can I complete the survey without a receipt?

Yes, some receipts come with something other than an Entry ID. In that case, enter the Store Phone Number. For more details, contact customer service.

Customer Service

17 thoughts on “Kroger Feedback – Www.Kroger.Com/Feedback”

  1. I was at the Kroger‘s in Fort Gratiot, Michigan. Linda, the cashier, was excellent. She made sure I had digital coupons selected. I have never had such outstanding cashier service at Kroger’s.

  2. The Kroger store is neat and orderly; shelves are stocked with what I need and more. So close to home, too.

  3. With the prices of everything getting so high, one of the perks for us is 50 fuel points. It helps seniors a lot.

  4. At Kroger they are always friendly and helpful if I need help finding a item. Love the digital coupons, and the coupons I receive through the mail. Have great sell items and love saving on gas at the pumps! Thanks Kroger for helping me save money.

  5. I just bought Kroger deluxe Ice cream in the Strawberry flavor. I grew up on Ice cream, and I loved the taste of it. We need to save where we can! So I took the Kroger Survey and won 50 Fuel Points; thank you.

  6. Employees are always polite and willing to assist; if I have a lot of digital items, they ask if I have downloaded the coupons, which I always do, but it’s so lovely of them to check!

  7. I just wanted to let you know that an employee of yours in the Newport, OR store who works in furniture, Colt, was extremely helpful to me.

  8. I love the fact the store has sushi now, finally! Everything is organized well. I love the fuel points and extraordinary deals!

  9. Athens Kroger’s store is bright and inviting as soon as you enter. The produce is fresh and arranged so beautifully. I am usually able to find anything I need.

  10. Kroger is one of my favorite stores; they almost always have what one needs. Prices have dropped from years ago. Employees are beneficial.

  11. Shopping at Kroger is a pleasant experience. Every associate that I have encountered has been friendly and helpful. The store is clean and orderly.

  12. I went to Kroger to pick up what my other store didn’t have. The experience was good. I found what I needed, plus some good sales I didn’t expect. I saved over $10.

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